Our Story

A bit about
Isla & Fraser...

Based in the UK, we are Simon and Rebecca, the husband and wife team behind Isla & Fraser.

Named after our twin children, family values are woven into the fabric of our organic baby brand, with our designs and brand ethos deeply rooted in nature.

Inventing by way of necessity, we created something that we had been looking for, something that didn’t exist when we became parents to our twins. We have a girl and a boy and we knew we didn’t want them defined in pink and blue. Our biggest frustration came when searching for suitable baby blankets. We wanted breathable, gender neutral options in beautifully modern designs. We also wanted them to be the softest thing our delicate babies’ skin could possibly touch: warm yet breathable, and made in the finest quality organic cotton.

Our son had extremely sensitive skin when he was born and was constantly covered in rashes. From his bubble bath to the laundry detergent to his clothes, we eventually overhauled everything he touched to make sure it was organic and suitable for sensitive skin. Sure enough the rashes soon dissipated. So on a frosty winter’s walk one day we were so dissatisfied with the blankets we were using to keep our twins’ warm, that by the time we got home we had decided to do something about it.

Using Rebecca's decade of knit expertise, we got brainstorming and sketching and then picked apart and tested bundles and bundles of yarn to find the qualities, weights, and softness required. 

Because we would not settle on any aspect it took a long time, many rejections and variations, lots of wash testing, 'baby wearer' trials, independent testing, and endless finessing but finally we knew we had a product we could be proud of and wanted to share with the world.

Once we had established our baby blankets, which will always be at the heart of everything we do, we had countless requests for other products too. We have now expanded our range into baby clothing and accessories and also our signature 'big knits' (bigger versions of our blankets for grown ups!). 

All of our products are made with exceptionally soft GOTS certified organic cotton, in naturally beautiful, gender-neutral colours.

A bit about
our core values...

We are entrepreneurs with a conscience. We believe in leaving the planet in a better place for our children. We are committed to always being 100% organic and only ever using recyclable or compostable packaging. 

We have partnered with a very small knitting factory in Jiangsu, China, that Rebecca has worked very closely with for over 20 years. Their knitting capability is, in our opinion, the best in the world, resulting in truly beautiful craftmanship, bringing to life our intricate and unique designs. 

Our organic cotton is always 100% GOTS certified and is produced without any pesticides or chemicals, meaning you do not need to wash our products prior to use as they have not come into contact with any nasties. 

To become GOTS certified you have to meet a set of stringent quality standards at every step of the manufacturing cycle, beginning as far back as soil preparation. And it's not just the cotton - the labour has to meet ethical standards too. So when you see the little green label on every one of our products you can be confident that they have been made responsibly and fairly.

Isla & Fraser was built from a love of design and striving to create the very best possible. We understand that as parents you still want to surround yourselves with designs that complement the rest of your life. Each product concept is hand sketched from scratch by Rebecca and this love of design will always be at the heart of everything we do.

We will always value our customers feedback and want to keep progressing. We are a family brand with a simple product range. Each item in our shop is inspired by nature, created with care and intended to be loved for longer.